Soft Snickerdoodle Cookies

#6 Soft Snickerdoodle Cookies: "These snickerdoodle cookies have the best texture. They are so fast to put together too! I actually got it from an old recipe that my Great Grandma had clipped out of a newspaper." -Juju Bee

Grandma Mac’s Perfect Southern Pound Cake

Grandma Mac's Perfect Southern Pound Cake


Candy Cane Cookies

24 Days of Cookies: Day 2 "My great grandma used to make them --so simple and so delicious! I'm so proud to be carrying on her traditions decades later :] " #MakeMerry

Classic Old Fashioned Macaroni Salad

Classic Old Fashioned Macaroni Salad - like Grandma used to make!


Homemade Potato Soup

Grandma's Homemade Potato Soup - An old fashioned, simple, chunky potato soup like Grandma made, with russet potatoes, onion, butter, evaporated milk, a little flour, and seasoned simply with salt and pepper.