Potato-Ham Bake

Our toasty Potato-Ham Bake is seasoned with fresh tarragon and peppery chives.

Crawfish Etouffe

Crawfish, simmered in a very simple butter roux, seasoned with a basic trinity, garlic, stock and Cajun seasoning, and finished with a little fresh parsley and green onion. Serve over hot rice with fresh French bread for dipping.


Mexican Lasagna

Mexican Lasagna - my entire family loved this kids included! It is soooo delicious! Corn tortillas are layered with a tex mex seasoned chicken, salsa and sour cream mixture and plenty of cheese of course.

Brown Sugar Chicken with Bacon

Three Ingredient Brown Sugar Chicken with Bacon - , made with boneless, skinless chicken breasts, dredged in a seasoned brown sugar and wrapped in bacon.


Ethiopian-Spiced Chicken Stew

This spicy chicken stew, generously seasoned with the Ethiopian spice mix berbere, is loaded with tomato and red lentils.

Potatoes O’Brien – Skillet Fried Potatoes

Red skin potatoes are fried up in a cast iron skillet with sweet Vidalia onion and bell pepper and nicely seasoned for a take on Potatoes O'Brien. Great for any meal - add fresh herbs if you like!