Leftover Mashed Potato Pancakes

Leftover Mashed Potato Pancakes: "YUM! This is the simplest, yet most delicious, (leftover) potato pancake receipe I have found. My kids love this one!" -HollyMoon

15 Delicious Recipes For Leftover Chicken

15 delicious recipes for using up leftover chicken, like Grilled Quesadillas, White Bean Chili, Chicken Tostadas, Chicken Enchiladas and more!


Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Our Buffalo Chicken Wrap is a household favorite! We guarantee there will be nothing leftover after this meal! This fiery combination of buffalo chicken in a modern wrap is guaranteed to drip though. Get out the big napkins and enjoy! @EatingWell

Cranberry Oatmeal Bars

Cranberry Oatmeal Bars: A very easy dessert recipe that uses up leftover cranberry sauce


Easy Crock Pot Turkey Chili ( Great for Turkey Leftovers )

Crock Pot Turkey Chili - A Leftover Turkey Recipe

5 Recipes to Use Leftover Candy Canes

Do you have any candy canes around ? If so here are some recipes for you :) 5 Recipes to Use Leftover Candy Canes